Wenn Hunde weglaufen - Suchzettel aufhängen und was dann?

When dogs run away - post a wanted notice and then what?

If your dog runs away, a thousand thoughts are circling in your head and you are worried. The important thing now is to keep a cool head and start searching systematically. Avoid panic and think about where your four-legged friend could have run away. At best, ask friends and relatives for search help.

What is going on in a lost dog?

If your four-legged friend balks during a walk because he is chasing a deer, your call could go unheard. If dogs are in the hunting fever, even the otherwise reliable recall does not work. But most dogs quickly come to their senses and return to you shortly after their escape. Runaway dogs basically look for places they know - first the place from which they escaped. Therefore, wait and call him or whistle. In many cases, the problem will clear itself and your faithful companion will come back to you after his short excursion. If this is not the case, go home first - he may already be waiting for you at the gate, tail wagging. Runaway dogs are usually distraught and frightened. They may also have been attacked and injured by another four-legged friend. Therefore, if you encounter strange runaway dogs, you should always be careful and never walk purposefully towards the animal.

What can dog owners do?

If your four-legged friend cannot be found and does not return despite an intensive search, loud calls and the squeaking of his favorite toy, you must act. If your four-legged friend has a tattoo or a chip and is registered with Tasso, call them and file a search report. Registration in the pet registry is advisable, as all animal shelters are in contact with Tasso. Search posters are only useful if dogs have not returned home, even overnight, and have not met any walkers you know, or have been dropped off at the shelter. You can also contact your veterinarian and ask them if you can post wanted posters with them.

How does a GPS device for dogs help to find the animal again?

The fact is, a GPS tracker for dogs is useful. You can use an app on your smartphone to pinpoint a location up to three meters. Since the tracker sends a signal every 15 seconds in live mode, you are always aware of the direction in which the runaway is running and how far it is from you. Of course, in order to have a quick reunion this way, the tracker must be activated and you should have your cell phone with you. If you are running in the forest or in rural areas, conventional tracking might be problematic. Here, a Bluetooth transmitter, for example from Apple, is the better choice.

What else can I do if my dog runs away on vacation?

This is the biggest nightmare of all dog owners - your four-legged friend gets lost on vacation abroad. In this case, you should hurry to search and, for example, walk known feeding places in the area. Go to all the places where you were on foot with your four-legged friend and which he could have visited. Does your dog have a GPS collar or do you use Apple Airtag mounts for dog collarsthe search is easy. Post search notices around your residence and ask local stores if you can put a search poster on the front door. In most cases, lost dogs are discovered by walkers who then call you at the phone number left behind.

Can the four-legged friend survive outside?

Do not immediately imagine the worst scenarios. A dog can survive for days in the wild without food. It can also tolerate cold or heat as it seeks shelter. Without water, however, dogs can't survive for long. But watering holes are everywhere and your dog has a fine nose to sniff out the delicious elixir of life. There are some known cases when dogs suddenly came back to the door after several days, and dog owners wondered how the little companion could survive in freezing temperatures. In nature and in the inner cities there are numerous "feeding places" where stray dogs gather and where they are also picked up by the Animal Welfare Association. In this case it is an advantage if there is a tag with your phone number on the collar. The lost four-legged friends will be handed over to the animal shelters in the area and from there you will receive a call that your runaway has turned up.

Who pays if my runaway dog causes damage?

As a dog owner, you bear full responsibility if your four-legged friend causes damage to property or personal injury. Therefore, it is especially important that if you find a dog that bites (or is frightened by a shock), you make it clear on the tracking slip that it should not be handled or captured by walkers. If you write down your phone number, they will contact you and you can immediately drive to the location where the runaway was last seen. You are also liable if your dog causes a traffic accident or injures another four-legged friend during its outing. The fact that you were not around does not exempt you from liability. If you have dog insurance, it will cover the damage.

How do you recapture a lost dog?

Basically: A frightened, runaway dog is not easy to catch. You should lure him and put out food where you suspect he is - or where he was seen by a walker. If you use GPS, finding him is easier because you have a clue. If you now entice him with his favorite treat, he won't have to wait long. Green rumen and other strong-smelling foods are ideal for attracting runaway dogs even from further away. Stay close to the feeding station you set up and be patient.

If nothing helps and if your four-legged friend seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth, call the animal shelters in your area regularly and ask at the Animal Welfare Association for assistance. If you live in a rural area, contact the hunters. Especially smaller dogs could also have gotten into a fox trap and only the hunters know where they have placed their traps.

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