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In this category you will find personalized dog brands with engraving for your four -legged friend from different materials and in different forms. Let the name of your dog, a desired text or telephone number in our engraving shop engrave to the animal brand so that your darling can be brought back to you in the event of a loss.

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For dog owners, the safety of their beloved four-legged friend is a top priority. A dog tag with engraving is therefore an indispensable accessory. The personalizable dog tags not only serve as an identification tag, but can also be used as a contact address in an emergency if your furry friend should escape. Thanks to the weatherproof, rustproof and scratch-resistant material, the dog tags are always easy to read and durable, even during the occasional adventures of your four-legged friend. The optional engraving of names, telephone numbers or special requests makes it possible to design the dog tag entirely according to the dog owner's wishes and thus create a personalized user experience. In addition, edge-free, low-noise and timeless designs provide peace of mind for both humans and animals. A dog tag with engraving is therefore an indispensable eye-catcher that also ensures the safety and identifiability of the four-legged friend in the event of a lost or runaway dog. After all, the safety of the dog means a great deal to every owner. An individually engraved dog tag is an important part of this security. Not only intended as an identification tag, it can also contain contact details in an emergency if the four-legged friend escapes. Thanks to the weatherproof and rustproof material, the information on the tag remains clearly legible at all times, even during outdoor adventures. The option to personalize the tag with a name or telephone number allows every owner to incorporate their special wishes and thus create a very special accessory.

What's more, the noiseless design of our silicone slider tags means that there are no annoying rattling noises to worry about - giving both humans and pets peace of mind. To summarize: An engraved dog tag not only combines style and individuality, but above all always ensures quick identification of your beloved four-legged friend in critical situations such as loss or theft.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about dog tags and engraving / personalization of dog tags

Why does my dog need a dog tag even though it is already chipped?

If your dog should ever get away from you, an engraved dog tag / animal tag is very helpful. If a dog cannot be identified via a tag, this is done via the implanted chip and the registration of your pet with e.g. Tasso via the animal shelter. This cumbersome process can be shortened, as you can be contacted directly by the finder via the tag and he can get in touch with you by telephone. This means that your pet does not have to endure a few more stops, but can go straight back to its owner.

Which texts can be engraved on the dog tags?

As standard, you can have your name and telephone number engraved when you order from our engraving store. Some brands also offer the owner's address. Not all dog tags can be engraved with an address. Simply choose the right dog tag from the range in our engraving store and send us the engraving data when you place your order.

What is the difference between a dog tag and a tax stamp?

The engraved dog tag is used to identify the dog when returning a lost animal. The tax stamp indicates that the owner has paid tax for the dog. In many municipalities, the tax tag has already been abolished on the grounds that the animals are already chipped, which is completely sufficient.

Which engraving makes sense for the dog tag?

In any case, the dog's name and telephone number should be engraved on it. Some dog tags also offer the option of engraving the dog's date of birth, which in our opinion is absolutely optional. The phone number (ideally cell phone) of the owner is important for the return of the lost animal. If your telephone number changes, you must remember to give your pet a new tag.

In which materials are engraved dog tags available?

We offer engraved dog tags in materials such as high-gloss brass or polished brass. Our engraved dog tags are also available in stainless steel, steel or printed in robust leather, which looks particularly elegant. It is important to us that you can enjoy your engraved dog tag for a long time and that the material is largely corrosion-free. Together with the engraved dog tag, we supply a matching key ring with which the dog tag can be attached to the collar or harness. 

What shapes do you offer engraved dog tags in?

We offer different shapes and motifs in our engraving store. Examples include a paw, bone, heart or the classic round dog tag. The bone shape is of course particularly popular for dog tags. Which dog tag you ultimately choose is up to your owner, but we are constantly trying to expand our range.

Does it make sense for my dog to wear an engraved dog tag?

Absolutely - it can always happen that your dog runs away. Sometimes this happens faster than you might think. In this case, the dog should either be fitted with a engraved dog collar or a dog tag with an engraving. You know your dog's little friends very quickly in this matter and foresight is always better than hindsight and if the name and telephone number are engraved, you as the dog owner can be contacted quickly.

Is it compulsory to wear an engraved dog tag?

No, there is no obligation in Germany for your dog to wear a dog tag. Nevertheless, we believe that an engraved tag makes sense, especially if you don't have an engraved collar to hand. The desired engraving for each of our animal brands must be selected when choosing the model in our engraving store. must be entered. In various European countries, such as Denmark, the legal situation is different. Here, every dog owner is obliged to provide the dog with a tag and identification number.

Can I also have a completely free text engraved on the dog tag?

It is possible to specify wishes, we decide on a case-by-case basis whether it makes sense to squeeze a lot of text into a line of text - this can sometimes not look optimal on the tag if too much text is provided on the dog tag. We provide information on how many lines are possible in the product descriptions.

Can I also engrave in capital letters or special characters?

Yes, this is possible. If you want to have the dog's name engraved on the dog tag in capital letters, then enter capital letters in the input field for the name. However, you should always ensure that you do not put too much text on one line - we will check each individual case and may contact you by e-mail with any queries. We will then take care of your desired engraving on your pendant.

Are different fonts possible on the name tag?

Yes, we offer different fonts. The larger dog tags in particular are also very attractive to engrave. We have provided a sample font for each name tag for which a different font is possible. When ordering, the font can be selected in addition to the name and telephone number. When selecting the fonts, we have made sure that they are not overly stylish so that legibility suffers, but still stylish enough to create a beautiful and modern image on the tag.

Are symbols also possible when engraving the dog tag?

Our creative tag has several symbols / motifs and fonts and can be beautifully engraved with the dog's name and telephone number on the front. The high-gloss stainless steel or brass look of the dog tag beautifully frames the symbol as a motif and makes the tag a highlight.

How is the dog tag attached?

The engraved dog tag - regardless of the shape - is attached to the dog's collar or harness using a key ring that is supplied with the tag. It is important that the tag is clearly visible - in the event that the dog escapes, the tag can be easily noticed. Brass or stainless steel dog tags are therefore particularly suitable as they are conspicuous. Under no circumstances should the attachment come loose when the dog moves.

How durable are the name tags from

We select the blanks for our tags so that they are durable and stable. We apply engraved lettering and symbols to the material with the appropriate intensity to ensure that our laser engraving is not just superficially "labeled", but is deeply and durably embedded in the material.

Can the dog tags also be used for other pets?

Of course, the tags can also be used for other pets. A dog tag is particularly ideal for cats, which also like to escape from time to time. We also have smaller tags in our engraving store that are very suitable for cats... so the dog tag becomes a cat tag and instead of the dog's name, the cat's name is transferred to us :-)

Can the back of the dog tag also be engraved?

The back of the name tag can also be engraved after consultation with us. Please use the input form in the order process. As we work with MyPfote laser engraving with our own laser, we are able to respond to special requests.

What diameter do your dog tags have?

Our round engraving tags have a diameter of 35mm for the large creative tags and between 25 and 35mm for the regular tags. Both the front and the back of the tag can be engraved with laser engraving. The colors of the tokens depend on the material with which the tokens are coated.