Hundeerziehung - Optimale Erziehung Ihres Vierbeiners

Dog training - simply to the optimally trained four-legged friend

Train dogs - for the optimally trained four-legged friend

Dog training - train dogs correctly

If you are thinking about getting a new roommate, then you are responsible for your new companion and for the dog training that goes with it. In order for your four-legged friend to learn how to behave properly in everyday life, it is very important that you train your dog. Nowadays, you don't necessarily have to visit a local dog school, because there is now a great online dog training.

So you don't have to worry about dog training anymore, because there you will be explained step by step what is necessary for a perfect dog training. You will be amazed how fast you can train your dog and how sustainable and quickly he learns from it. In the following lines we would like to give you some important information, tips and advice, so that you also have a lot of fun with dog training.


The dog training - so easy your four-legged friend learns to behave properly

You educate your dog with a simple but sustainable dog training. The species-appropriate dog training is very important, because if you do not educate your dog, then this can quickly lead to an unsightly disaster. Your four-legged friend attracts all eyes on him, because he constantly barks or pulls on the leash. Counteract this happening and start training your dog today.

Often, just a few training methods are sufficient to create an optimal relationship between you and your four-legged friend. When training dogs, it is very important that no violence or yelling is used. These triggers have a negative effect on dog training and will not get you to the desired goals when training dogs. Always remember, dogs are like babies and toddlers. They must first gain experience, process it, and over time learn how to apply it correctly.

The motto here is: Practice, practice and practice again. In addition, commands are also important and extremely helpful, because only then your four-legged friend knows what you expect from him in dog training. He learns over time and subsequently performs the learned commands excellently. The online dog training is at your side with numerous assistance and advice, you get many tips and learn which tricks you can use when educating your dog.


When training dogs, a systematic structure is necessary and helpful

You should always build your dog training systematically, so that your playful dog becomes a well-mannered four-legged friend. Rewards for learned executions are extremely useful, however, you should not offer them too early. This means that you should not reward your four-legged friend too early during dog training, otherwise he will eventually lose interest in dog training and do what he wants.

Now you are surely wondering what commands you should use and follow during dog training? After dog training your darling should master a few things, these include the following commands: Sit, Down, Come, Stay and Stop. In addition, of course, he should refrain from barking when walking, because only then will you both have a lot of fun together playing in nature.

There are numerous dog training methods to choose from, but it is important that you make sure that there is a lot of joy and fun involved when training your dog. A monotonous training leads to boredom and thus quickly belongs to the past.


Dog training should distinguish between social and formal life

In order for your four-legged friend to understand what is wanted from him, dog training should be divided into two phases. On the one hand the formal training and on the other hand the social learning. Formal training focuses on the most important commands that your pet should learn during dog training. In contrast to the formal learning, the social learning is the training for safety in everyday life on point 1 of the long list. If all this works well, then you and your dog have already made a huge progress.

Remember that every exercise in dog training must be in connection with a short and meaningful instruction. If your four-legged friend succeeds in the performance, a reward is due to avoid possible failures and mistakes.


Educate puppies - All with fun and serenity

Especially puppies that still have little interest in dog training, must after the first successes during the Educate puppies be praised extensively. They are still very playful and want to focus them only reluctantly on dog training.

The difference between puppy training and dog training is that older dogs learn more easily with treats and petting than little puppy dogs. However, you should make sure that the food reward is dropped over time so that your four-legged friend can behave without any treats and wants to continue learning.

In principle, your darling learns better in puppy training if the dog training is combined with games and fun. The four-legged friends love the alternation between learning and time out/fun. In the online dog training you will be offered some solutions that will help you with puppy training.


Without stress to the perfectly trained dog - what should you look for in dog training?

The dog training starts already in the baby age with the puppy educate. Even the very smallest must be properly educated to be able to behave in everyday life. Of course, the dog training takes a while and leads only slowly and gradually to success. However, your four-legged friend will gradually develop more interest in learning and thus you get your puppy housebroken. With a lot of patience and composure you will be able to train your puppy easily. If you follow our tips and advice, then nothing can go wrong in dog training.

The right mixture of discipline and understanding makes it. This means that you absolutely must remain consistent in dog training, so that your dog learns to respond to your wishes and commands. With successful execution, you should praise your darling, this gives him the necessary motivation in puppy training. Take a look at the online dog training and ensure a happy and well-behaved puppy.


What is important in dog training?

You can only achieve optimal dog training if you remain patient, friendly and calm. In addition, you need to pay attention to your tone of voice, when commanding, the voice should sound firm and consistent, when praising, a satisfactory and cheerful tone is necessary. Last but not least, reprimanding, here you should pay attention to an unsatisfied and disappointed voice.

Dogs pay extreme attention to human body language, for example, if you fidget or can't hold your arms still during dog training, confusion will occur in your dog. As a result, your dog will not know what was asked of him. When training dogs, both body language and voice must match to achieve effective results.

It is also best to make sure that the hand movement matches the command, so that your four-legged friend understands what is being asked of him during dog training. Subsequently, he will perform the desired command without error and properly.


Different dog breeds lead to differences in dog training

Some dog breeds can be trained with little effort and extremely easily, while others take more time learning obedience. Golden Retrievers and French Bulldogs are known to learn extremely quickly and retain what is said.

Breeds such as the Pug or Jack Russell Terrier, for example, are known for being stubborn and thus do not want to become obedient. If you own one of these difficult to train dog breeds, you should not take dog training lightly. These small and stubborn creatures require a lot of patience during dog training.


Start dog training already at puppy age

Effective puppy training should begin shortly after moving into the new home. A puppy must be treated accordingly, of course, this means, for example, a gentle but conclusive consequence.

A puppy is like a toddler, he must be taught during puppy training, what he is allowed and what is forbidden. Thus, you should set clear boundaries, only so your quadruped learns what is right and what is not.

Pay attention to a stress-free dog training, this includes of course that your dog is housebroken. Also on this topic you will find in the online dog training numerous tips from excellent dog trainers. Please always remember that there should be a connection between puppy training and playing.


Effective dog training - always remain consistency

So that your four-legged friend accepts you as a respect person and pack leader, you should always remain consistent. If you succeed in this, the dog training will be much easier.

Dogs are known for the fact that they need a certain bond to the caregiver in order to feel safe and secure. Only through these personality traits, the quadruped is ready to learn something new. We would like to give you a small example.

Example: You pronounce the command "Sit", then this means that your dog also makes place and does not perform the sitting position. If your dog rises from the desired position without you having pronounced a command, bring him back to his starting position in which you wanted to see him.

These clear signals lead to effective results when training dogs. Unclear and spongy instructions are out of place here, because your dog will never learn to behave that way.


Helpful tips on the subject of dog training

There are a variety of helpful tips that simplify dog training. We would like to show you some of them here.

  • It is very important that you educate your dog in any situation. By doing so, you will create a mutually respectful relationship. However, keep in mind that every dog has its individual needs and learns at different rates. To learn how your dog listens during training, you should observe him.

  • Also try the so-called clicker training. Your four-legged friend is trained to respond to the clicking sound and execute commands. This method has proven itself many times and has led to effective success.

  • A busy and challenged dog, leads to no problems. On the other hand, a bored four-legged friend, this tends to a conflict potential due to a limited and monotonous development. Think about great and varied measures in dog training and do not let boredom arise.

  • You can recognize a happy and balanced dog above all by the fact that he learns quickly and is by no means overtaxed or underchallenged.

  • The tone of voice and the clear voice play a very important role in dog training.

  • Build a loving and intense bond with your dog to profit from later.

Of course, the tips depend on the dog breed and size. Thus, they determined the final effort. In dog training, you must pay attention to breed-specific exercises, differences and personality traits to achieve perfect success. Each dog is unique and learns at its own pace.

Train several dogs at the same time - easier or more exhausting?

In dog training, it is very popular to train multiple dogs at the same time. Does this mean more work when training dogs at the same time? Online dog training is very helpful here, because you get many valuable training tips for two or more dogs. This makes pack life easier and creates a harmonious interaction even between incompatible dogs.

That's a dreamy thought, your four-legged friend may eventually get a playmate. They can play together and learn from each other. You probably have thereby also no more bad conscience, if you must leave your darling for short time alone at home. Now you are two and there is no boredom.

However, you should also consider that your dogs may make plans together. Maybe you come home and the apartment furniture is damaged. Also, the double traction when walking should be kept in mind. All of these unsightly situations can be remedied with detailed and sustained online dog training.


Why is online dog training useful and recommended?

If you are a dog owner or are toying with the idea of getting a dog, you will inevitably be confronted with dog training. In order for you to get an obedient dog that can behave accordingly in everyday life, it is important that your four-legged friend learns and subsequently masters certain and sustainable rules in dog training.

However, this only works with a local dog school or online dog training. Many people hardly have time for an intensive on-site dog school due to their professional situation, so online dog training is a perfect alternative. You are independent of time and place and also save quite a bit of money. The online dog training is very effective and informative, it answers every question you have about dog training.


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