Hundenamen richtig auswählen - ein Kurzratgeber

Choosing dog names correctly - quick guide

The name is crucial for the relationship between man and dog. Choosing the right dog name is not easy and requires some thought. Here are some tips on how to find the perfect name for your four-legged friend.

How should the dog name be structured?

The initial letter of the puppy should not be considered when choosing a name, this can change anyway when the coat grows back. Also the coat color or the size of the dog should not play a role in the naming. It is more important that the name is easy to call and contains two syllables. Short and simple commands like "Sit!", "Down!" or "Stay!" are easier for the dog to understand if the name consists of a maximum of two syllables.

Who can help me to choose a dog name?

Many dog owners choose old German names like Waldi, Blacky, Strolch or Hercules. Others prefer mythological names like Zeus, Apollo or Athena. Or the name choice falls on the favorite movie star, such as Elvis, Marilyn or Batman. The breeder of the dog can also be a great help in finding a name, as he usually knows the puppy since birth and knows which name suits him well. Family members should also be involved in choosing a name, as the new dog boy or girl will soon be a full member of the family.

Initial vowels to consider when choosing a dog name?

A great help in finding the right name is to make a list of possible name suggestions in advance. This can also take into account the initial vowels, so that the call name is easier. As soon as the puppy has moved in with the new master or mistress, you can then call him by the various names and find out which suits him best. Some dog owners also opt for double names like Mailo and Milow or Nala and Mylo. If there are several puppies in the litter, it is often advisable to choose names with similar first letters so that they do not get mixed up. For example, all puppies can be named with the initial letters M: Maya, Mela, Milo, Max, etc.

For those who have free choice in the selection of the dog's name, you can also use common websites such as. to make a detailed research on the appropriate name for his pelt-nose.

Conclusion for the selection of the right dog name

Before deciding on a name, you should consider that you will give this animal the same name for the rest of its life. Therefore, you should think carefully and preferably involve several family members or friends in the decision-making process.

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