"Leuchthalsband Hund" - darum ist es so wichtig

"Light collar dog" - that's why it is so important

Not everyone likes to go for a walk in the dark. In the winter months, this can hardly be avoided - the days are short and the dog has to get out. A walk under the stars can also be quite idyllic! However, to avoid unpleasant incidents, you should pay attention to your own safety and that of your dog. With a reflective vest you will be seen better. And with a light collar dog you and others always have your four-legged friend in view.

Jake with light collar dog
Fortunately, today there are a variety of tools with which you can make your dog visible in the dark. The need is obvious: even on illuminated paths, a dog with a dark coat is difficult to see. You yourself can easily lose sight of him if you let him off the leash. Others are even more frightened if he suddenly appears in front of them. Cyclists and car drivers may not be able to brake fast enough.

What are the possibilities today to make the dog more visible?

  • Reflective collar, dog harness or coat. These have the advantage that they do not need electricity. However, they work only if there is still a source of light - street lights, car traffic or at least a flashlight with which you can shine on the dog.
  • LED tags. These have the advantage that they also light up by themselves and can be easily attached to the ordinary collar. There are battery-powered and rechargeable models. However, with them the dog is usually visible only from the front - from behind the light is hidden
  • Dog collar LED. There are two different types: those that only light up and are worn in addition to the ordinary collar or harness, and those to which a leash can be attached. Such a Light collar dog provides the best visibility all around and independently of other light sources. Even on the dark dirt road is the fur friend so always recognizable. There are models with batteries and those that can be recharged via USB. They also differ in luminosity and duration.

Light collar dog: What should you look for when buying?

How do you find a suitable light collar dog among the many products? The following conditions should be met:
  • protected from splashing and rain water, so that it works even in bad weather.
  • wide enough so that it does not simply disappear in the fur
  • sufficient luminosity and duration
  • sufficient size and comfort

The dog collar LED is available in different colors. If you have several dogs, you can choose a different color for each one and then you will know exactly who is where! Most models have both flashing and steady lights. Many dog owners - and dogs - prefer continuous light. By the way, a personalized light collar dog is also a good gift for other dog owners.

Chico with light collar dog

Safely through the winter

Dogs' eyes can make better use of residual light than humans. Dogs also orient themselves even more by their hearing and sense of smell. Darkness therefore usually causes fewer problems for a dog than for many people. However, if you are walking your dog through an unlit park or field path, it makes sense to have a flashlight or headlamp with you so that you can illuminate the surroundings in an emergency - for example, if your dog gets caught in a bush and you have to walk cross-country.

Many have their dog in the dark more often on a leash, because it is worse to control what he does and whom he meets. However, a five-meter flexi leash is not visible to other passers-by in the dark - despite dog collar LED. Therefore, make sure that no one accidentally stumbles over your dog leash. Of course, there are already illuminated dog leashes - whether you really need it, you know best.

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