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Trimming your dog's nails - an important care measure for healthy dog paws

Claw care is an essential part of dog paw care and should be carried out regularly to ensure the well-being and health of your four-legged friend. In this blog article, we would like to take a closer look at the topic of "Claw trimming for dogs" and provide important information about it.

Why is claw trimming important?

An appropriate claw length is crucial to ensure that the dog does not experience pain when walking and can maintain a healthy gait. Claws that are too long can lead to a change in posture as the dog tries to protect its pads. This can lead to joint and muscle problems in the long term. There is also a risk that the claws that are too long will tear or break off and injure the dog.

In conversation with our vet, he once said: if the dog is standing and you can easily slide a credit card under the dog's claws, then they are not yet too long. He also said that walking your dog on the sidewalk automatically grinds off the claws without stress.

The preparation for cutting the dog's claws

Before you start clipping claws, it is important to prepare your dog for the procedure. Training should be gradual in order to minimize possible fear or discomfort. Rewards, praise and patience are essential. It is advisable to get the dog used to having its paws and claws touched as a puppy to make routine examinations and claw care easier.

Trimming the claws

There are various tools for trimming the claws, such as Claw nippers, claw clippers or special claw trimmers. It is important to estimate the claw length correctly, as there are blood vessels in the claws that can be injured if the cut is too severe. These blood vessels are known as the "blood vessel tongue". It is usually clearly visible on light-colored claws, but caution is advised with dark claws.

Alternatives to cutting

If the dog is uncomfortable having its claws cut, alternative methods such as claw grinding with a claw grinder or a claw file can be used. This involves carefully removing the tip of the claw to avoid damaging the blood vessels. However, these methods require patience and practice as the dog has to get used to the noise and vibration of the grinder.

Retreat to the vet or dog groomer

If you are unsure or your dog is very anxious, it may be advisable to leave the claw trimming to a vet or professional dog groomer. The experienced staff there have the necessary equipment and experience to trim the claws safely and gently. In addition, other aspects of paw care such as checking the paw pads or trimming the wolf claws can also be carried out during such visits.

Care after clipping

In rare cases, bleeding can occur after claw trimming if a blood vessel has been accidentally damaged. In this case, immediate action should be taken to stop the bleeding. You can use a special powder or pen to stop the bleeding, which is available commercially. It is also advisable to give the dog a reward after grooming to keep it positively bonded.


Regular claw care is an important part of a dog's general grooming. It is crucial to keep an eye on the length of the claws and to trim them if necessary. Clipping claws requires patience, consideration and practice. If unsure or anxious, it is advisable to leave the grooming to a vet or dog groomer. Regular claw care contributes to the health, well-being and mobility of your four-legged friend and is therefore an important part of dog and paw care.

Image credit: Erda Estremera on Unsplash

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