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Here you will find individualized, durable dog collars from different materials such as leather, fabric or nylon. Scraps stand for good quality and are for small and large dogs. Our dog collar are available in different lengths and widths, individually or in the set with a fitting leash.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about engraved dog collars and engraving / personalization

In this area we carry from - we are happy dog owners ourselves - have compiled a list of questions that we would ask ourselves when choosing a collar or harness. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Our support is available by e-mail at can be reached.

Can the leather collars from leather collars also be used for smaller dogs?

Of course, because leather is a natural material and impresses with its flexibility, quality and durability. With the right care, a leather collar will last for many years. The engraved leather collars are not only suitable for larger dogs, but also for small dogs. are also very suitable for small dogs, as they are available in small sizes, e.g. S for Small with a neck circumference of 25-30 cm. The engraving gives the collar individuality and a connection to your pet. In addition, the engraved telephone number ensures that if the dog runs away, it can be returned quickly.

What is the best way to care for the leather collars?

A dog collar, regardless of the material, is always exposed to particular stresses and strains. The collar is exposed to moisture, dryness, wetness, cold and UV radiation. These are environmental factors that can also severely damage the leather and the engraved mark and other metal parts such as rivets or the collar buckle. The engraved surface must be treated together with the leather after contact with water.

After heavy soiling, we recommend that the collar is first roughly cleaned with a brush, slightly damp sponge or cloth. Make sure that the leather does not soak and become excessively wet. You can use leather soap or saddle soap as a cleaning agent, which is ideal for cleaning the leather. Once the leather collar has been cleaned, you can dry it slowly - please do not place it on the radiator, in the blazing sun or other "quick" methods such as a hair dryer or oven. This will only damage the leather.

After cleaning, the leather should be greased when dry. There are several ways to do this. On the one hand, transparent shoe care is of course a good choice - there are also special leather oils available on the market. Coconut oil, castor oil or even beeswax are also good options and are recommended in some forums. Don't apply too much, but apply it regularly and in smaller quantities. Then you and your four-legged friend will have a lot of fun with the collar.

Choosing a dog collar - which material is best for my dog?

As a dog owner, you naturally ask yourself the question - does it have to be leather? Is a fabric collar or a nylon dog collar more suitable? Of course, there is no general answer to this question and, in our opinion, it depends on taste and budget. Nylon collars are very hard-wearing, durable and can also be washed with plenty of water and normal soap, which should not be done with leather collars. Nylon collars are not very stretchy and can rub against the skin of dogs with very short fur. A leather collar is a real eye-catcher and generally always looks a little more elegant, especially if it has been engraved.

You can buy the collars individually or as a set with a lead in our store. No matter which collar you choose, it should always be engraved with a name tag, because our four-legged friends should be able to be returned to you immediately without having to read out the chip.

Dog collar or dog harness? What is the best choice?

There are many heated discussions, even among experts, about which system is best for the dog. However, there are a few good arguments in favor of the classic collar, and vice versa, of course, for the dog harness. Collars play a particularly important role in the training and control of dogs. The collar is very suitable for controlling and guiding the dog when "walking". Personally, I use a combination of a soft fabric collar or the stylish "going out leather collar" and a durable nylon dog harness for our French Bulldog, because short-snouted breeds such as German Boxers, Pugs or French or English Bulldogs often have difficulty breathing anyway, so you shouldn't allow this four-legged friend too much pressure on the collar. A lead with a snap hook at each end is the solution here - one end of the lead is attached to the collar and the other end to the harness. We have used a selection of different products and models in our store - just have a browse. 

How useful are luminous collars and which ones are recommended?

We have decided to include a very high-quality type of illuminated collar in our range. The light collar is made entirely of nylon and the LED element is supplemented by a light guide. This means that the light is transported in the light collar and makes the entire ring glow evenly bright. Alternatively, we offer a light ring that is worn in addition to the existing collar and also consists of a light source and a light guide - this can be individually shortened and fits all your four-legged friends.

Do you also have pull-stop collars / slip collars in your range?

We discussed intensively in our team whether dog collars with a pull stop are a good thing - we decided against it. Of course, slip collars or pull-stop collars are a quick solution when a strong dog is difficult to control, but you have to bear in mind that they are still choke collars. Good education and training with the dog is essential, then a pull-stop collar is not necessary.

What is the best way to measure the dog's neck so that the length is correct?

A tailor's tape measure is ideal for measuring the dog's neck. Place it once around the neck, place the end over the tape measure and leave two finger widths between the dog's neck and the tape measure as a reserve. This allows you to determine the right size for our dog collars.

Do you have matching dog leads for your collars?

We have various leashes in our range. We primarily use nylon leads with a comfortable foam handle, an LED light-up lead and a sustainable cotton dog lead. With our collars and dog leads, your four-legged friend and you are perfectly equipped for the next walk.

Offers MyPfote also offer rope collars?

Yes - we offer a model in the colors brown and black. The rope collar is available in different lengths and with a matching rope dog lead. The rope collars are sustainably made from cotton, are very durable and robust and have a buckle that allows 3-5 different length settings on the dog's neck.